Focus Mitts


A classic looking target pad with a premium feel!

  • Classic design familiar to all trainers and fighters
  • Lightweight, shock absorbent padding
  • Premium leather construction
  • Double reenforced stress areas for durability
  • Hand compartment with soft padding and elastic wrist
  • Foam padding along upper edge to prevent finger jams
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Boxing Focus Mitts are probably the most important and frequently used training equipment for boxers and MMA fighters around the globe! This is why it was important that we as a premium fight gear manufacturer perfect our focus mitts. These mitts have been in our product line since we began in 1993, and have been going strong as a popular product ever since. Thick shock absorbent padding wrapped in premium leather make these focus pads a favorite among trainers and fighters alike. The inside features elasticated grooves for the trainer to allow a comfortable fit and maximum grip. Lastly, the wrist area includes a velcro strap so that the trainer can be versatile and focus on making his fighter better instead of worrying the pads will come loose or fly off.


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