Pro Training Shield


The Pro Training Shield maximizes your training sessions and provides an all around workout that's bound to improve your performance and versatility!

  • Wider central surface for kicks and target practice
  • Narrow top and bottom for increased maneuverability¬†and comfortable grip
  • Double stitched vertical straps and horizontal handle bar
  • Shipping for the Pro Training Shield is $10
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In many MMA fights, knees and kicks end up being the deciding factor between winning and losing. Regularly practicing those knees and kicks during training is an essential part of becoming a well-rounded MMA fighter. The Pro MMA Kick Shield is made to allow practicing full-force kicks and knees during training, and protect the trainer from injury and strain at the same time. Featuring high density foam on the inside a premium synthetic leather outer layer, this kick shield is built to endure tens of thousands of kicks, knees, and punches. Vertical straps in the middle combined with a thick, easy to grip handle at the top make sure the trainer remains in control throughout the training session no matter how hard the fighter attacks!


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