Pro MMA Gloves

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Meet the most innovative MMA gloves on the market!

  • Single piece of injection molded foam padding
  • IMF contoured to maximize padding on knuckles
  • Ergonomic T-shaped diagonal strap for grabbing and punching
  • Patented Crossgrip-DSS Dual Strap System for amazing wrist support and security
  • Premium cowhide leather
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Over the past few years the sport of mixed martial arts has blown up! It’s become more popular than a lot of the extreme sports that have been around for decades. With that, dozens of companies are coming out with equipment catering to this huge industry. But not all of them are in it because they love it. Just like any booming business, there will be brands that enter for the money. Aries has been around for almost 3 decades, and we always care about our products and the people that use them. After seeing the slew of MMA gloves on the market, we developed our own. The Aries Pro MMA Gloves are the result of years of monitoring, designing, testing, and refining. These gloves are made with premium cowhide leather and a single piece of injection molded foam contoured to the shape of your hand. The wrist features our patented Crossgrip-DSS strapping system that creates unmatched wrist support for the fighter. Anyone that has tried this glove absolutely loves it! Now it’s your turn…

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