Muay Thai Belly Pad

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The Belly Pad is an irreplaceableĀ training tool for Muay Thai & Kickboxing

  • Heavy duty 1.5 mm thick cowhide leather construction
  • 3″ high density foam padding
  • Curved design to conform to the body
  • Double layered leather strap with strong buckle closure
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The abdominal region is known as our core. So it makes sense that this area is strategically the most effective way to weaken your opponent during a fight. Training focused on striking this area with knees and kicks is essential to a well rounded fighter who wants to win. The Muay Thai Belly Pad by Aries is built to allow effective full force training for Muay Thai and MMA fighters practicing kicks, knees, and punches to the abdomen. We use lightweight injection molded foam padding, made extra thick specially for protecting the abdominal region during training. Of course, we only use the highest quality premium cowhide leather. The strapping system is also made using the same premium leather, and has a metal buckle fastening feature. The Muay Thai Belly Pad is sure to make your training sessions more effective and profitable!


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