MMA Leg Kick Pad


Bar none, the best Leg Kick Pad on the market. Just ask someone who has used it!

  • Exclusive patented design like none other
  • Specially designed injection molded foam padding
  • Crescent shaped inner curve that hugs the leg
  • Semi-spherical outer curve that allows versatile kicks from all angles
  • Geometrically designed to disperse kicks from all angles to the center of the pad
  • Vertical air pockets on the inside that flex upon impact for maximum shock absorption
  • The design minimizes strain and fatigue on the trainer during the most intense training sessions
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Leg kicks are extremely important in MMA and Muay Thai fights. Training sessions need to include emphasis on leg kicks because these kicks chip away at your opponent’s strength in their most important body parts. If your legs weaken, you’re more likely to get knocked down, taken down, and submitted. Our MMA Leg Kick Pad is by far the best on the market, and we can guarantee that. It’s so good, that other companies have actually tried to copy our patented design. The kick pad features a curved hitting surface that allows kicks from all angles, distributing the shock evenly around the pad. The back of the pad is also curved to hug the trainer’s leg, and features vertical air pockets that do an amazing job of absorbing the power of the kick. Most importantly, the design makes sure that even the hardest kicks won’t result in the pad spinning around the leg and causing injury. The fighter doesn’t need to limit the power of his kicks in fear of hurting the trainer. Check out the video on this page to see it in action!

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