MMA Shin Guards Hybrid Pro

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This is by far the most technologically advanced shin guard on the market!

  • Tailor-made for Krav Maga practitioners
  • Patented Crossgrip-DSS strapping mechanism eliminates slipping and spinning around leg
  • Single piece contoured injection molded polyurethane foam padding
  • Vertical air pockets on the inside to maximize shock absorption upon impact
  • Wrapped in premium synthetic leather for a great look and feel
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With the Mixed Martial Arts industry growing at an exponential rate, the traditional equipment that was made for individual styles of fighting such as Muay Thai had to be tweaked. MMA is more versatile because it combines many forms and styles into one. So we went to work and came up with the MMA Shin Guards. The most amazing feature about the MMA Shin Guards is the unique strapping system. What we found after talking to many trainers and fighters is that they hate how their shin guards displace or spin around the leg during training. So we developed a new strapping system, where each of the two straps on the back run in opposite directions. This makes sure that the shins stay on your shin, where they belong, no matter how hard you kick! Anybody who has tried them doesn’t want to take them off, ever! Now it’s your turn.

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