Curved Ergo Muay Thai Pads


The Curved Ergo Thai Pads are by far the most comfortable Muay Thai pads you’ll ever wear!

  • Lightweight injection molded foam padding that is extremely shock absorbent
  • 150 degree curve on the hitting surface ideal for MMA training
  • Contoured vertical indentation for reduced lateral shifting or spinning during training
  • Premium thick cowhide leather
  • Triple reenforced stitching and riveted leather handles
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Muay Thai and MMA training require thai pads as an essential training tool. These pads allow you to use your full range of motion to practice strong high kicks, elbows, and even punches. What makes the Curved Ergo Muay Thai Pads so special is that they are specially molded to provide a curved surface for the fighter to throw kicks and elbows, but also an ergonomic design that allows the trainer to wear them for long periods of time without getting tired or worse, getting injured. The back side of these thai pads has a vertical groove that allows the trainer’s forearm to fit snugly inside, allowing optimal shock absorption and comfort. These Thai pads are technologically advanced and built for professional Muay Thai trainers and fighters that engage in high intensity workouts.

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