Boxing Glove Dogs


Glove Dogs are a must have for keeping your gloves fresh and helping them last longer.

  • Made with breathable cotton
  • Filled with refined, long lasting cedar chips
  • Helps absorb moisture and deodorizes gloves
  • Leaves a fresh cedar aroma
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If you own a pair of boxing gloves and use them at all, you know that even a light training session or workout leaves them filled with your sweat. The same way your shoes start smelling after a while, your boxing gloves will as well. To prevent your favorite pair from accumulating sweat and smell, you have to deodorize them with glove dogs. Our boxing glove dogs are made with breathable cotton and filled with fresh cedar chips. Leave them in your gloves after a workout, and the glove dogs will absorb the moisture and leave them smelling fresh and clean. These are a no-brainer accessory for any gym bag!


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